Colton HaynesIf you're a fan of 'The Gates' then you've surely noticed Colton Haynes who plays werewolf, Brent Crezski. To put it frankly, the 22-year-old Kansan is a hunk with a pair of cheekbones that you could slice a salami on. Turns out he's a cutie that's weary of being typecast as a hirsute lupine, just wants a zaftig girl who doesn't wear makeup and is glad he missed out on the lead in 'Twilight.'

Who do you play in ABC's 'The Gates'?
I play a 15-year-old linebacker for the football team and when I get angry and mad I turn into a werewolf. They use real wolves so I all I have to do is wear yellow contacts. Then the real wolves do all the dirty work for me.

Playing a werewolf, is that something you can relate to?
I totally turn into a werewolf once a week. No, I don't identify with that.