Jake Ryan, Lloyd Dobler and Robert Pattinson are best high school movie boyfriends ever.

Can you believe it's just a month away from that time of year again, time to put away your fun shoes and put on your sensible sneakers, grab your backpack and slog off to another long semester of high school. Yes, instead of worrying about beaches, summer jobs and sleeping late, it's almost time to start thinking about things like quadrangles, hemoglobin and hazing. But above all, once high school resumes, it will be time to start thinking about boys.

Or, you know, girls. But whether you want a boyfriend or want to be a boyfriend (or both!), chances are that one way or another you're probably going to spend some time thinking about the art of being a high school boyfriend. Because, make no mistake, there is an art to it, and judging by the long line or famous Hollywood boyfriends, being able to impose your own personal style on a dance number or soulful pop tune is a key. It's a tricky thing.

But don't sweat it, guys and girls, because we're here to help ease your transition back into the life of a high school student by presenting to you our choices for some of the best boyfriends in the history of high school films. But please, whatever you do, don't take any notes: after all, you'll be doing plenty of that soon enough.