Jill BidenPop-Ed: When I first heard the Second Lady of the United States of America would be a guest star on the Lifetime series, 'Army Wives,' I scoffed. Why was a prominent, well-educated social advocate acting on an overly simplified primetime drama?

I'm wary of combining politics and entertainment. The moment you throw actors into the mix, informative messages are quick to become salacious, ratings grabbing, made for TV plots. But Sunday night, I'm pleased to say, Dr. Jill Biden disproved my skepticism.

Dr. Biden played herself in the much-anticipated 'Fun Run' episode. Teams of women representing Army, Marine, Navy and different military branches competed in an outdoor obstacle course of sorts. The proceeds from the event were going to send military kids to summer camp. Dr. Biden was the guest of honor, coming first to meet with the Army wives who organized the event, then kicking off the race and presenting medals at the closing ceremonies.