Mark Wahlberg Would Rap on a Justin Bieber SongIn TIME's latest 10 Questions installment, 'The Other Guys' star Mark Wahlberg is up to bat. Though the 39-year-old is known for his acting these days, with turns in new classics like 'The Departed' and 'Boogie Nights,' his legacy began as rapper Marky Mark. So TIME tried to coax him out of retirement, seeing if he'd "drop a hot eight bars on a rap song if asked by the right artist," and this is what they got:

"No. Not a chance. Actually, I'll take that back. If Justin Bieber asked me, I'd do that for my daughter. She loves me to death, but she doesn't think I'm very cool, so that might turn it around."

And the wait for Justin Bieber's response begins! Read more of the Wahlberg Q&A after the jump.