Already Bored With 'Rubicon'? Hang Tight, Vulture SaysThe summer TV blues feel a little less bluesy than usual this year, but they're still there. Yes, 'Mad Men' is back, but one show ain't enough. Given AMC's shimmering track record with the aforementioned affairs of Don Draper, as well as 'Breaking Bad,' the plodding, conspiracy-bound codebreaker show 'Rubicon' seemed like a safe bet. But then, in only its third hour, it slowly steamrolled into ... well, into very boring territory -- which the TV-recapping maestros at Vulture acknowledge, and manage to see past:

"Last week in this very space we preached patience to those not immediately enchanted by 'Rubicon''s leisurely pace. Full of shadowy alleyways, hastily scribbled codes and long, meaningful looks between infuriatingly uncommunicative characters, the show's two-hour premiere drew us in with its atmosphere and its promise of a well-deserved payoff waiting somewhere down the line. Slowness, we argued, can be a good thing." >>Read the full argument at Vulture, where all hope is not lost.