While Zsa Zsa Gabor remains in an L.A. hospital three weeks after falling out of bed and breaking her hip, two different reports have emerged on how the 93-year-old actress is doing. Strangely enough those differing reports come from the actresses own husband and daughter.

Gabor was taken to UCLA Medical Center July 18 after a bone-breaking fall at her home and had her hip replaced a day later. Since then her husband has told the press that his wife was in critical condition and unresponsive, while Gabor's daughter immediately countered with a nearly opposite account. Now, her publicist said Gabor went into shock on Saturday after a bad reaction to morphine.

"Its not at all surprising that Francesca Hilton (Zsa Zsa's daughter) and Prince Frederic Von Anhalt (Zsa Zsa's husband) disagree," a family source tells me. "The two of them don't like one another at all. If one told you the earth was round the other would say it was square just to disagree."