Bethenny Frankel It's seemed that every gossip site, new mom, nutritionist and celebrity magazine editor has had a strong opinion on just how Bethenny Frankel lost all that baby weight so fast following the birth of her daughter Bryn in May. She told 'Us Weekly' she lost 29 of her 35 pounds of baby weight in the first three weeks, and the firestorm of controversy grew from there.

On 'Chelsea Lately' , Frankel discussed the issue and was relieved (and perhaps surprised) to find Chelsea Handler understood her argument. "I lost probably most of it by the time I left the hospital," said Frankel. "C-section -- you're there for six days and you don't eat for three of them. And then I probably had like 10 pounds left, and it came off."

Handler commented, "I remember Kate Hudson, when she got pregnant, she turned into like an Oompa-Loopma --" "Because she probably hadn't eaten for 10 years," interjected Frankel. "Yeah, and you're like, well obviously this is not natural for you to be this thin if this is what happens when you get pregnant -- you look like a maniac," said Handler.

"That's the whole point!" agreed Frankel. Watch the exchange: