Britney Spears'Glee' and Britney Spears fans alike have been counting down the seconds until the show's homage to the legendary pop star airs this fall, and now it seems there's even more reason to celebrate. According to Ryan Seacrest, 'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that Britney herself will be appearing on the show.

"Britney, I think 100 percent, is going to be on the episode [for a] couple of scenes," Murphy revealed to Seacrest in a radio interview Tuesday. Murphy also divulged that many of the Britney Spears numbers the cast will perform will actually be hallucinations while under anesthesia at the dentist, played by John Stamos. "They have fantasies of how they can be like her," Murphy said.

Still no word on how large or what kind of role Britney will be playing but at least one duet is certainly in order. Perhaps Brit will play a rival cheerleading coach to shake up Sue Silvester's world? We can only hope. Also in the cards for the successful show? Tribute episodes to Prince, The Beatles and Michael Jackson. Epic!