Mia Michaels and AdéChiké Torbert from So You Think You Can Dance

'So You Think You Can Dance' judge Mia Michaels has been stung by some of the criticism of her criticism that's broken out in blogs and comment areas since last week's elimination of AdéChiké Torbert (right) on the show -- specifically, remarks to the effect that she has it in for black male dancers.

"It's just ridiculous, honestly. I actually Twittered because there was so much negativity coming at me, because they think I was coming at him for really stupid reasons," she tells PopEater. "I had to make clear that I as a judge, as a person, don't care what somebody looks like. I could care less what color their skin is, or how big they are, what their weight is. I look at their performance. I look at their integrity as an artist. I look at their technicality. I look strictly at that. People are trying to find something that isn't there. They're digging into the wrong areas."