world's thinnest waistA new commercial for 'America's Next Top Model' comes across like a shocking Guinness Book of World Records promotion, thanks to a 6'2" model wannabe named Ann, who is so alarmingly skinny that Tyra Banks gasps at her tiny waist.

"There's something about her I like," the normally pro-curves Banks squeals about the catwalker, who claims to have the smallest waist in the world. We, along with our pals at StyleList (who found the clip), see no reason to disagree.

So, is Miss Tyra just trying to stir up some controversy to keep things fresh? Last season she pushed the envelope by having contestants wear "blackface" for a biracially-themed photo shoot.

Banks later apologized for the poorly-received stunt, but there's no denying that it helped the show make headlines. And while the show has featured a number of plus-size models and "unconventional" contestants (blind, transgender, Asperger's, you name it), those stories had an inspirational, defying-the-odds slant.

But seeing judges drool (or pretend to drool) over a skeletal girl in an industry that already worships unrealistic size zero frames is a new take for the show, and it just continues a year that has seen some major ups and downs in terms of body image in the modeling industry.