'The Expendables' Stylist Talks Stallone's Rugged HairdoNicole Venables leads a double life. She's an established hair stylist and the owner of Ruby Begonia Hair Studio in LA, as well as a dedicated mother. Then there are the times she's busy putting together rough-and-tumble looks for the one and only Sylvester Stallone -- Rocky, Rambo, the works.

In the throes of international press for 'The Expendables,' Venables (pictured at right with Stallone) took a break to give PopEater the inside scoop on what it took to fashion the signature, gritty looks for Stallone and his ensemble cast of bad boys for this summer's most star-studded thrill ride.

Tell us how Sylvester Stallone achieved his look for 'The Expendables.'
'The Expendables' was a total collaboration. Sly has a vision for every film, and this was no exception. He's really inclusive with his designers. Most of his department heads, from set designers to artillery experts, are chosen long-term veterans and trusted confidants. Sly, who co-wrote and directed the film, his costume designer Liz Wolfe, and I orchestrated the ultimate old-school, bad-ass version of himself for the character of Barney Ross -- decked out in vintage glory, ripped and tattooed to the gods.