Jared Evan
Who: Jared Evan
Single: 'In Love With You'
Hails From: Nassau County, N.Y.
For Fans Of: Mike Posner, Drake, Cage

Why He's About to Pop:
Ask Jared Evan about music and he'll light up. The rapper-singer-musician-producer -- he does a bit of it all -- has been drumming and writing rhymes since he was a kid, and his upbringing involved listening to everything from Led Zeppelin to Method Man. Early on, he told PopEater, "I had this dream: I wanted to be like the next Keith Moon. I wanted to be a rock drummer, like on 'Behind the Music.' I wanted to be John Bonham or something like that. That was my goal. That was my dream. That was what I wanted to do."

When Evan recently visited our New York headquarters to preview his upcoming debut album, 'Fourth Chapter,' he showed his enthusiasm for his craft as he explained the process of recording it, particularly the title track. Each verse of the song pays homage to the separate eras of his musical influences -- classic rock, grunge and hip-hop -- while the final one conveys the message of being, as Evan explained, the "first artist to write the fourth chapter," a sort of genre-blending sound that he says hasn't been done yet.

"Most of them are very introspective," Evan added of the album's tunes. "I was feeling something with a specific girl in a situation, and I wrote about it. I'd say 'Love With You' [the record's first single] is like probably the broadest one. Every girl just drives me crazy. A lot of the other songs are more like, put your headphones on and listen to what I'm really saying."

Evan is now readying the release of 'Fourth Chapter.' Check out an exclusive video, interview and photo shoot from his visit below to get a taste of what's to come.