Lindsay LohanMatt Lauer put Dina Lohan in the hot seat on Friday, pressing the showbiz mom to defend daughter Lindsay Lohan and address long-hovering scrutiny for the way she raised the troubled starlet. It was a tense 11 minutes of television, with Lohan appearing uneasy and even combative at times.

"Dina felt ambushed by Matt," a family friend told PopEater after speaking with Lohan. "She was surprised how many tough questions he asked."

According to our source, Lohan wanted to focus the 'Today' chat on Judge Marsha Revel's alleged mishandling of her daughter's case, along with her take on the media's portrayal of Lindsay.

"She didn't understand why [Lauer] kept asking her those other questions -- she knows she's a great mother and Lindsay will get out of rehab soon," the friend insists. "Everyone makes mistakes, it's just that Lindsay makes it into the papers."