Bear Grylls on 'Man Vs. Wild'Bear Grylls, survival expert and extreme adventurer, made a brief visit to New York this week after filming the fifth season of his hit Discovery Channel series, 'Man Vs. Wild.'

Grylls spoke to PopEater about the new season's seven episodes, including the special 'Fan Vs. Wild' show, in which two viewers travel with him for the first time to experience extreme survival firsthand, the possibility of Zac Efron joining him in the wild, his eating habits (both in the wild and at home) and his new video game.

I gather you're pals with Will Ferrell because you did an episode with him last season. What celebrities do you think could make it in the wild with you besides Ferrell?
Zac Efron wrote the other day that he'd love to do an episode together, so I'm quite keen to explore that one. We've literally just finished filming season five, so I'm kind of focusing on going home now, having a quick rest, and we'll start filming the next stuff in September. We've got lots of people [who are interested], it's just whether it's right for Discovery to do it or not.