Pee-wee Herman Star Paul Reubens Opens Up About 1991 Arrest and Child Porn ScandalPaul Reubens, of Pee-wee Herman fame, went from being one of the most respected and admired stars of children's TV and film to "that weirdo who got caught allegedly masturbating in a porn theater" overnight in 1991. Scandal slammed Reubens again in 2001 when his Hollywood home was raided on a false tip, resulting in three years battling child pornography charges which were eventually reduced to a misdemeanor obscenity offense.

In an in-depth interview with Playboy, the 58-year-old actor defends himself, states how he could have proven in court the masturbation arrest was an error, and describes himself as "more infamous for two misdemeanors" that perhaps any cult hero in Hollywood history.

Reporter Bill Zehme writes of the interview, "Paul Reubens told me repeatedly, as we dug through emotional crevices unimaginable, that he'd never opened himself up this nakedly outside of a shrink's presence." Read on.