'Glee' Season Two Campaign Image RevealedAnd so it begins: After turning down the volume just a tad over the summer, FOX is getting ready to sell the second season of musical mega-hit 'Glee' (which premieres September 21). Vulture has the first look at the campaign, which, in addition to showcasing Lea Michele's new bang-tastic do, takes a signature scene from the show's pilot and turns it into a symbol of Gleek Power.

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This year's promo campaign, which will start appearing on billboards, buses and everywhere else next week, provides a cold, wet illustration for just how empowered New Directions has become since the show began last season, when the ads featured the universal hand gesture for "loser." When the show began, the slushie was "a weapon to put the 'Glee' kids down," says FOX marketing president Joe Earley, while by season's end, our lovable losers had co-opted this weapon, dousing Mr. Schuester in the finale. Take back the slushie!