Larry Birkhead, former boyfriend of Anna Nicole Smith and father of their little girl, testified Thursday in the case against Howard K. Stern and two doctors accused of unlawfully plying Smith with prescription drugs, the Associated Press reports. During his testimony, Birkhead revealed that he witnessed the reality star take many medications during their relationship though she claimed she wasn't an addict.

"She would say, 'I'm in pain. I'm not a drug addict,'" he recalled. When he asked her if she was possibly taking too many medications, she said, "I have a high tolerance because I'm in pain."

Birkhead met Smith in 2004 and the two moved in together soon after. He said when they lived together, he saw Methadone, Topamax, Vicadin, Ambien, Valium, Chlonopin and other drugs around Smith's Los Angeles home according to E!Online.

Smith's former boyfriend also revealed that he was so concerned about the number of drugs she was taking, that he at one point, he hid her Methadone. Stern reprimanded him and told him that Smith "needed the methadone to live." After hearing that, Birkhead said he never hid her medications again, saying he, "didn't want anything to happen to her after [Stern] said she needed it to live."