Justin BieberThe zit erasing medicine Proactiv realized a long time ago that celebrities make us want to buy things. Somehow they were able to convince a stable of celebs to shill for their skin cleansing line, despite the fact that most famous folks shy away from being attached to products that can be seen as embarrassing (laxatives, tampons, etc.).

Formerly pimply celebs who have appeared in Proactiv ads include Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Mandy Moore, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and Alicia Keys.

Proactiv's most recent coup is teen sensation Justin Bieber, who recently signed on as a spokesperson for the brand. But did the acne company have any idea of the awesomeness they were tapping into when they brought on the Biebs? If they didn't before they certainly do now, and you can bet a bunch of suits with really great skin have been high-fiving each other this week.

On the day it was unveiled, Bieber's endorsement clip received 125,000 views on YouTube and another 500,000 views on Proactiv's website, Billboard magazine reveals in its upcoming issue.