Beleaguered 'Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka rarely discusses his early Hollywood career, but he reportedly aspired to acting success at one time, landing a Chuck Norris movie in 2000 and a 'Walker, Texas Ranger' episode (according to IMDB) under the name "Jake Landrum." This Sunday, the controversial reality star makes his Lifetime TV debut on 'Drop Dead Diva' playing, you guessed it: a struggling actor who used a dating show to advance his career. Of the role, Pavelka tells PEOPLE: "I don't play myself. It's not a cameo...He's not a warm, compassionate guy." Meanwhile, off camera, he continues to reflect on his tumultuous engagement and headline-making breakup with Vienna Girardi -- who recently announced she's moved on with a new boyfriend she first met two years ago in the Bahamas.

The split with Girardi occurred while Pavelka, 32, was on the set of 'Diva' to shoot his scenes. In a new interview, he tells PEOPLE that he's had no communication with his ex since the relationship went down in flames, but that "it's okay, everything happens for a reason....Hopefully she'll find that guy she can spend the next 60 years of her life with." He insists,"The whole thing was tragic and it was sad....We'll probably let a little bit of time go by, but I'm sure someday our paths will cross and we'll be friends."