Hips don't lie, but they can get a girl into trouble! After spotting YouTube footage of Colombian pop princess Shakira dancing in a public fountain with locals and riding a motorcycle without a helmet, officials in the city of Barcelona, Spain, are reportedly so irked by her raucous location shoot, they may fine her for a variety of infractions. Some sources say the singer even disrupted traffic with her sexy moves and bikini-based wardrobe.

The biker-chic video for her upcoming duet with Dizzee Rascal, 'Loca' (off the 33-year-old's next album, 'Sale El Sol'), has a decidedly break-all-the-rules vibe, but did Shakira really break laws? One authority reportedly told the press that she "did not even ask permission to film" the music video at various Barcelona locations -- including the historic fountain at Pla de Palau -- and that the amateur clips posted to YouTube will now be inspected closely to "detect infringements that have been committed during the recording."