It's hard to take Margaret Cho seriously. Best known for her sometimes-raunchy, always-hilarious stand-up and her turns on comedies like Lifetime's 'Drop Dead Diva,' Cho isn't the first person you think of when it comes time for a snark-free political discussion.

But with the August 24 release of 'Cho Dependent,' the new album that pairs her notorious sense of humor and killer singing voice with the talents of artists like Ani DiFranco, Fiona Apple, Tegan and Sara, Tommy Chong, Ben Lee and Jon Brion, Cho proves that she can be seriously funny about a host of weighty topics.

As a whole, 'Cho Dependent' rises above any one musical genre with thirteen tracks ranging from hip-hop to country to rock and roll.

"I'm a good lyricist and that I'm someone with unfailingly good taste, great taste in music and great taste in picking out amazing people to collaborate with. The idea was just write something that I thought would be funny and pair it with the right person so that it kind of musically matched what they do but at the same time had my sensibility," Cho says of her time in the recording studio.

Cho sat down with PopEater to talk battle rhymin', taking her musical talents to TV and what Lindsay should be listening to while in court-ordered rehab. Read more after the jump!