Jared EvanFor a show that depicts the swanky lifestyle of Hollywood's A-list, music supervisors on HBO's 'Entourage' are sure to always hand pick the hottest tracks from the hip-hop and dance world. Multi-talented up-and-comer Jared Evan was the latest to be featured on the hit show last Sunday, when his infectious rap-rock hybrid 'In Love With You' was played over the closing credits.

The song, which blends Evan's hip-hop swagger with fuzzy classic rock guitars, came at the end of an almost uncharacteristically dark episode for the series. With lead character Vincent Chase's new-found penchant for hard partying spiraling out of control, his movie career in doubt and relationship with porn star Sasha Grey approaching Yoko-and-John territory, the song's gritty "I'm in love with you" chant carried some ironic heft. This is definitely no crooning slow jam.