Read the 10 Most Awesome/Awful Lyrics on Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream'Our friends at Vulture have a word or two to offer about the term "awfulsome."

It's where awful and awesome meet, rub up against each other, and birth something new -- something simultaneously good and bad. Katy Perry's ecstatically, enjoyably, endearingly hollow album 'Teenage Dream,' out today, is full of lyrics that embody this term -- awful lyrics that after repeated hearings (and, there will be repeated hearings!) begin to earn some admiration for being so brazenly, so straightforwardly, so bravely ridiculous.

Consider: Thanks to Perry's unavoidably catchy 'Peacock,' in a few months Americans will be going about their business with the phrase, "I want to see your peacock cock cock cock" stuck in their heads. Is that awful? Really, really awful? Or just goofy and twisted enough to be awesome?

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