Eliza Roberts, Eric Roberts, and Keaton Simons
Visiting the multiplex over the last couple of weekends, you might have seen Eric Roberts in 'The Expendables,' the veteran tough-guy reunion movie that's been No. 1 at the box office since it opened two weeks ago. Or you might have caught his sister, Julia, in 'Eat Pray Love,' which has been close behind on the box office chart. Or, on a handful of art house screens, you may have seen Eric's daughter Emma in 'Twelve.'

It's been a good month for the Roberts clan, and no one is prouder than Eric, who says he's thrilled with all the successes of his extended family. That includes his stepchildren, Keaton and Morgan Simons, the grown kids of his wife Eliza, who are making splashes of their own. As for Eliza, a casting director and actress in her own right, she's the one Roberts credits for his current successes, from 'The Expendables' to 'The Young and the Restless,' where he has a guest stint this summer. Via her decision-making ("I let her do my thinking for me, and it's paid off," Roberts says), the actor's career management and publicity are also being kept in the family.

Roberts' current high profile is a nice bonus for the 54-year-old actor, who's not often in the spotlight despite a busy schedule that often has him appearing in as many as a dozen movies or TV projects a year. Still, he found time to call PopEater to talk about his family, how he stays straight (and fit), his top-secret political project and his efforts to project a "smart, sane" new image.