Frankie Muniz Talks 'Breaking Bad' and Bryan Cranston's Chances of an Emmy Three-peatWhen Frankie Muniz's onetime TV dad becomes a TV drug dealer, wins two consecutive Emmys and gets nominated for a third, you have to ask him about it.

Let's backtrack. Bryan Cranston, 54, played Hal on 'Malcolm in the Middle,' a father to Frankie Muniz's title character, for seven seasons. Now he's a startlingly different dad on AMC's 'Breaking Bad' -- a murderous but sympathetic cancer patient entrenched in the world of crystal meth, the darkest imaginable portrait of a man.

So what does Muniz, 24 and no stranger to change himself, as a recent rocker and race car driver, think of Cranston the Chameleon?

"He's honestly one of my all-time favorite actors. Ever," Muniz tells PopEater. "To go from 'Malcolm' to his character in 'Breaking Bad,' it's such an insane transformation and difference. He's pulled it off incredibly."

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