Romy RosemontOn 'Glee,' Romy Rosemont plays Carole Hudson -- Finn's widowed mother and girlfriend to Kurt's well-meaning dad, Burt.

Rosemont spoke to PopEater and admitted to absolutely loving the musical aspect of the show. "I'm such a musical dork," she tells us. "I've got every ['Glee'] CD."

Unfortunately for fans, the actress couldn't divulge much about what will happen on the upcoming season, though she hints at more screen time for Carole and Burt, played by Mike O'Malley. "I think you're going to see more of us," she teases.

And since 'Glee' revolves around singing, will we ever hear Rosemont's vocal talents? "We never know what's in the minds of the writers." Read Our Full Interview Inside!