Khuram SherA round-up of al-Qaeda-linked terror suspects in Ottawa, Canada, yesterday netted former 'Canadian Idol' contestant Khuram Sher. Though Sher was named in an alleged plot to bomb parliament buildings, he didn't always hold such anti-Western views.

During his 2008 audition, Sher offered to sing either Hilary Duff or "April Lavigne." The judges chose Lavigne's 'Complicated' -- an appropriate choice in hindsight -- and Sher not only crooned Avril's hit, he also did the moonwalk and the robot.

As you can see in the video below, he was, well ... we'll let judge Zack Werner take this one: "That was some genuinely crap singing," Werner noted. Sass Jordan wondered if he'd ever considered being a comedian. Sher demurred, saying he liked "hockey, music and acting." He left out "terrorism" but still didn't make it to the next round. Watch: