Luck wasn't on Paris Hilton's side this weekend in Sin City, when Las Vegas police pulled over the car she was in just before midnight and allegedly found a white powder in her purse that, upon testing, proved to be cocaine. The celebutante was then arrested on suspicion of possessing cocaine, and booked into the Clark County detention center, according to ABC News. She was soon released on bail.

The socialite, 29, was in the passenger seat of a car driven by a male thought to be her boyfriend, nightclub owner Cy Waits. Why was Hilton pulled over near the Wynn Hotel and Casino in the first place? Las Vegas police spokesman Marcus Martin told the Associated Press cops thought they smelled marijuana coming from the car: "Officers noticed a vehicle leaving a smoke trail of a controlled substance [and] made a stop based on that." He added that a crowd gathered to witness the police stop after Hilton was recognized by passers-by.