Fantastia BarrinoParis Hilton wasn't the only star making news in Las Vegas over the weekend. In a dramatic turnaround, Fantasia Barrino, who attempted suicide earlier this month, grabbed a mic on Friday night, singing four songs (including a cover of Prince's 'Purple Rain') at a nightclub in the Palms Casino and Resort, PEOPLE reports. And the 'American Idol' champ didn't shy away from the recent emotional crisis that landed her in a hospital on Aug. 9, after an aspirin-and-sleeping aid overdose.

"They thought I was finished, they thought I was done," she told the audience, which reportedly included Demi Moore and Soleil Moon Frye. "I would never ever stop, I don't care what no one says."

She added, "I was in the hospital, but now I bounce back ... Don't ever let your haters stop you."