Christina Hendricks and Kate MossLots of men would tell that they wish that 'Mad Men' star Christina Hendricks ran the show in their office. And apparently lots of women would tell you that they wish they were Hendricks.

The UK edition of Cosmopolitan magazine claims that young women would rather look like the breakout 'Mad Men' star than iconic waif Kate Moss. Need a Kleenex, Kate?

"Joan [Harris, Hendricks' character] has had a huge impact on fashion and on women having the confidence to flaunt their curves," editor Louise Court told the Radio Times.

"This year loads of girls want to look like Christina Hendricks, not Kate Moss."

Hendricks -- currently starring in London Fog's new campaign -- has also recently been praised by Britain's Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone for setting a great body-image example with her hourglass figure. The voluptuous actress has become a pin-up thanks to her role as the 'Mad Men' office manager.