Lady Gaga and Lady StarlightShe cut a direct path up to Lady Starlight and put a dollar bill in her underwear. Stefani Germanotta, an NYU dropout celebrating her 20th birthday at her much-older boyfriend's Lower East Side rock club, St. Jerome's, was transfixed by this leather-studded hottie shaking her ass in the skimpiest leather thong in history.

Germanotta's eyes lit up with fascination. Who is this girl?

It was as if Lady Starlight had been transported from a sleezy-hot, mid-1980s David Lee Roth video to this downtown rock club in 2007. But as perfectly as she had the whole pole-dancing, hair-metal video vixen thing down, who Lady Starlight was really channeling was the lurid, swaggering frontman.

"I just loved to dance," Starlight (born Colleen Martin) tells PopEater. "There was an aggressive thing about what I was doing on stage. I captured Axl Rose and David Lee Roth. I mixed c**k rock frontman with feminine go-go dancing. It just came from within."