What Major Stars Turned Down 'Dancing'?
Sure, the new 'Dancing With the Stars' lineup looks swell. But hearing what could have been -- Sylvester Stallone! Condoleezza Rice! Tim Allen! Ann Coulter! Suzanne Somers! -- yeah, it stings a bit.

The Hollywood Reporter nabbed a behind-the-scenes look at the show's failed conquests, speaking to a source involved with casting the reality dance series and speaking to executive producer Conrad Green. "We've approached a lot of people over the years," Green says. "People say no for a variety of reasons. Some people like the show but think they suck at dancing. It's a lot easier to say no than it is to say yes."

Other stars who've turned the show down include Kirstie Alley, Joel McHale, Drew Carey, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, the real-life Erin Brockovich and British billionaire Richard Branson.