Jason ReevesIn the past few years, Iowa native Jason Reeves has worked his way from college dropout to accomplished singer-songwriter. His 2007 album 'The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache (and Other Frightening Tales)' was released independently by Reeves, but after his success, it was re-release by Warner Bros. In addition to getting signed to the third largest record label in the music industry, Reeves was also named one of the top indie singer-songwriters of 2007 by iTunes.

Reeves is now getting ready for the release of his follow-up album, 'The Lovesick,' which features tracks co-written by Kara DioGuardi and is due out this winter. The first single, 'Helium Hearts,' was made available by digital retailers on Aug. 17.

The video for 'Helium Hearts' is as lighthearted as the song. It opens with Reeves greeting his girlfriend with a bundle of heart-shaped balloons, and the pair then wanders all over Los Angeles distributing them to strangers. The lyrics to 'Helium Hearts' are also reflected in the video, with the young lovers wanting to share their joy with as many people as possible.

"This song was stumbled upon like almost all of my songs, like a secret golden pond found just over a hidden hill when I'm dying of thirst in an endless desert, and its light was caught and reflected from the pure and joyous exuberant bliss of real life potential love," Reeves tells PopEater. "I never set out to write songs like this -- they come like rare miracles through my brightest emotions. This is a song about wildfire love, written at its brink. And the video is intended to capture that feeling, even if only in the form of a glimmer." Check out the premiere of the 'Helium Hearts' video below.