Sara BareillesWhile the rest of us are stuck chanting affirmations to ourselves into the bathroom mirror to make ourselves feel better, Sara Bareilles turns hers into hit tunes. "I'm definitely someone who writes songs to myself because I need to say those mantras over and over again," she tells PopEater. "I need to live those words."

Take current hit, 'King of Anything,' for example: The sprightly song, where she tells off a know-it-all, came to her after she started playing songs from her new album, 'Kaleidoscope Heart,' for her management and label.

"I got really defensive," she says. "I realized that I don't think I was as ready for [their opinions] as I thought I was." She returned home and 'King of Anything' came pouring out of her in one afternoon, as did the idea for the video treatment.

"I don't normally have quite that much of a specific vision for a song, but I was very adamant [that] I needed this message out there for me," she says. "More than anything else, to remind [myself], 'you're about to step back into the fray, so be ready and don't take it too seriously.'"

So anytime she needs to give herself a little pep talk, all she has to do is turn on the radio. Check out more from our exclusive video interview with Bareilles below.