Cara SalimandoMost 18-year-olds have graduation, prom and a social life to worry about. Cara Salimando has all of that on her plate, but she's also got an EP to promote -- and if that weren't enough to keep her busy, there's also tours with artists like Ingrid Michaelson, opening spots for Mary Chapin Carpenter and a full-length album in the works.

In her passionate new video for 'Dust,' Cara showcases the raw talent that helped put her on the fast track to music stardom. In the clip, she sits in a stark empty room at a piano -- her powerful voice and candid lyrics require no additional music video flair. Interspersed with the performance shots, we see Cara perusing the streets of Paris. "The video for 'Dust' tells the story of a girl and a boy whose paths, unbeknownst to either one, cross several times sever times," Cara tells PopEater. "The two have several close encounters, eventually noticing each other, but never truly come together."