David HasselhoffWe had some questions when we first heard the cast announcement for this season's 'Dancing With the Stars.' They're probably the same ones that popped into most of your heads, so we feel comfortable sharing them today after the news has sunk in. Can Audrina Patridge chew gum and dance at the same time? Will David Hasselhoff perform his dance numbers in a red bathing suit in slow motion? Can a fist pump be worked into a waltz?

All of these quandaries have made us pretty psyched for the upcoming season. We spoke with some dance experts about who we can expect to do well on the reality show this time around and the surprising answer from the lot of them ... none other than the Hoff!!!

"He's already established as a musical entertainer -- especially in Germany -- so he knows how to perform. I might be biased because I worked with him on 'Baywatch,' but he's obviously athletic, so he's got a real advantage over the other contestants here," says choreographer and former NFL cheerleader Bonnie Jill Laflin.