Jon Gosselin Ex Hailey Glassman Writes Blog to 'Expose All His Lies'Just days after Hailey Glassman leaked Jon Gosselin's handwritten extortion threats against ex-wife Kate, the octodad's 23-year-old former lover has written a blog for denouncing Jon and "exposing his lies." Here's a sample of Glassman's post, grammar gloriously intact:

I first want to address the Jon giving Kate ultimatums/extortion situation. He can deny it and lie, like he does with everything else but the only problem is this time is there is actual proof -- his own hand-written notes!

I know, he's a moron for being such a manipulating con artist. Let's not forget, this is the man that went on CBS Entertainment Tonight and The Insider claiming "Kate is lying and I didn't take any money from the account" when in fact we all found out in the end that it was a LIE, with evidence of a bank trail!

There is not one cent of credibility with him. I know what you're all thinking, "Well Hailey isn't any better, I hate her," which is weird due to the fact that I have not lied about anything once. In fact my problem is that I'm too honest sometimes.
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