Kim CattrallKim Cattrall may have a fabulous wardrobe on 'Sex and the City,' but she discovered early on that size does, in fact, matter -- especially when it comes to her saucy character's wardrobe.

Because Cattrall is a bit curvier than castmates Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis, stylist Patricia Field had to be a bit more creative in her clothing choices.

"I'm not a sample size like Sarah and Kristin, and I couldn't wear a lot of the clothes the young designers would send us," Cattrall tells Vogue UK. "I'd wear a lot of vintage -- some of things I wore were like pieces of art."

And that suited Cattrall just fine, especially because she wasn't necessarily a fan of the other characters' ensembles. "I was never into any of Charlotte's sweet dresses or Sarah's outfits," she says. "There were a few pieces of Sarah's that I liked on their own but not the outfits as such."