What would we do without Björk?

While nothing could ever top the Icelandic singer's epically fugly swan dress (Oscars 2001), this purple concoction comes really, really close. The musician thrilled fashion police around the globe this week when she strolled into a press conference for the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm, Sweden, looking like the gonzo star of a Cirque du Soleil ode to Barney.

Naysayers will go to town on her ensemble, but you have to love the enormous grin that says, "I'm Björk! Purple is music to my eyes!" Among our million urgent questions about this design: Why is there a large mesh hole mid-torso? And is her bra meant to show? Surely Tim Gunn would suggest bringing that tummy circle down a few inches -- and changing the neck, sleeves, hip bustles, fabric, color and entire silhouette (then again, wouldn't 'Project Runway' benefit from a 'Design for Björk' episode?).