If you're going to organize a slew of beloved musical artists, list them in order of "greatness" right up to the very "greatest," it stands to reason that the overall result would evoke a reaction along the lines of..."GREAT!" Or at least contain a few exciting surprises. So how did VH1's creaky, predictable ranking of the '100 Greatest Artists of All Time,' being counted down in series of specials premiering tomorrow night, end up being such a snooze?

Music fans are having countless issues with the list. For one thing, guess how many men landed in the top 20? Nineteen. (Actually a lot more, if you count all the males in top-ranking bands.) There's just one female in the mix of greats in those top 20 spots.

Not that Madonna (No. 16) is undeserving of praise. But is a Rock History 101 coursepack -- heavily focused on all the usual (aging or deceased) suspects like Hendrix, Presley, U2, Bowie, and led by the five top finalists Zeppelin, the Stones, Michael Jackson, Dylan and the Beatles -- really the most compelling way to wind up the summer with fresh primetime programming?

Based on the list, the show doesn't promise many surprises. But there are a few! Have a look.