Here's something guaranteed to make many readers feel really old. Geraldo Rivera, 67, is in the thick of celebrating his 40th year in the news and entertainment business. The opinionated (and perennially mustachioed) TV host spoke to PopEater about his favorite guest ever, the contradiction of being an "Obama Republican" at FOX News, and a little disaster known as the Al Capone vault.

Was the Al Capone vault episode in 1986 your most embarrassing moment?
Yes it was. Reviewing all the old footage in preparation for the 40th anniversary shows brought back so many memories -- good and not so good, like Capone's empty vault. In the last scene of history's highest rated and most personally embarrassing syndicated show, I walk off after finding not bodies or machine guns or criminal contraband, but only an empty bottle of 1920's-era Gilbey's Gin and an antique stop sign.