The man accused of breaking into Kirsten Dunst's hotel room and stealing an expensive handbag was sentenced to four years in jail on Tuesday, reports. Mechanic James Jimenez was convicted of burglary and trespassing after he stole a $2,000 Balenciaga handbag from the actress's New York City hotel room in 2007.

Dunst was in NYC to film the movie 'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People' co-starring Megan Fox and Simon Pegg. Jimenez was also found guilty of stealing a cell phone from Pegg among other things from the hotel.

During his trial, Jimenez pleaded innocent, saying repeatedly, he didn't "understand why I'm being charged." He claimed his co-defendant Jarrod Beinerman (who pled guilty in 2008) was the one who stole the items when he was invited to Dunst's room to sell drugs. Dunst denied the drug claims.