Matt WhiteWhen it comes to writing catchy piano-driven songs, Matt White is a seasoned professional. The singer-songwriter began his musical career at a young age but it wasn't until after his graduation from the University of Wisconsin that he drew in a devoted circle of fans via sites like MySpace.

White's massive following on the internet also captivated executives at Geffen Records, which signed him in 2007. In 2009, after the release of his debut album 'Best Days,' White was touring Canada when he was informed Geffen would be dropping him from the label. Like a true professional, Matt looked on the bright side of this news, saying, "I was depressed for a month, then realized that my happiness was in the music."

The pianist teamed up with Ryko for his second album, 'It's the Good Crazy,' which was recorded on analog in order to give it an older, more classic feel. The New York native's first single the album, 'Falling in Love (With My Best Friend),' has a lighthearted, pop sound with lyrics that are centered around a person who is trying to maintain a friendship by resisting romantic urges.

The video for 'Falling in Love (With My Best Friend)' centers around several of White's female fans playing a game of "snatch the singer's hat." As the women wander about the city in White's fedora, they make their way to a small club where White is pictured jamming on the piano and steel guitar. Check out the exclusive premiere below.