NikitaThis fall, we are preparing for Maggie Q to come out and show us her best tough girl stuff in the new series 'Nikita,' premiering Sept. 9 at 9PM on the CW. Q surely has the pedigree, having starred in action films from 'Mission: Impossible 3' to 'Live Free or Die Hard.' She also has tough acts to follow. We wondered who best to compare her butt-kicking too and came up with this list of the baddest gals who have ever stepped foot on the big or little screen. Maggie has the advantage, as she can study their best moves and figure out how to separate herself from the pack. Viewer Warning: Some of these ladies below get pretty intense

Buffy, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'
Just imagine what the pop world would be like if we still had 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' kicking around. Team Edward? Kiss your dreamboat goodbye. 'True Blood'? Just more targets for Buffy. 'The Vampire Diaries'? Child, please. In fact, as much as we love (some of) those vampires, we'd love it even more if Gellar would return as Buffy and use her trademark wit and gumption to cut down some of the legion of copycat vampire wannabes pop culture is being flooded with these days. Because while vampires may be immortal, when Buffy's around even they eventually learn that nobody lives forever.

Trinity, played by Carrie Anne Moss, in 'The Matrix'

If we have to be stuck in a dream world, we can't think of a more enticing reality than one that includes Carrie Anne Moss's Trinity. As part of the team of rebels trying to free humanity from the yoke of their robotic oppressors, Trinity displays courage -- and ninja skills -- that border on the supernatural. She also provides much needed guidance to presumed savior Neo while simultaneously acting as his bodyguard, protecting him from attackers until he gets the gist of the whole "matrix" thingy. She may have met her end in the final film -- emphasis on "may have" -- but she'll always live on in our hearts.