It's funny how you can just roll into a Shell station in Kansas City, Missouri, on a Wednesday to get a sub-par cup of coffee, and after a random turn of events become the next Antoine Dodson. But when it's the Gregory Brothers watching you, it's not all that surprising.

With that in mind, meet Diana Radcliff.

After finding herself caught in a robbery, she retold her story to KMBC-TV in the most hilariously descriptive way, including old lessons her daddy taught her -- and he taught her good, indeed. Days later, her face was all over the web in a mash-up song produced by the Gregory Brothers, called 'BACKIN UP SONG!!' While Radcliff tried to explain how scared she was during the robbery and how she tried to back out of the store, the Gregory Brothers turned her interview into an auto-tuned, kiddy-style, booty jam. ENJOY: