When Josh Duhamel isn't running from Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin in 'The Romantics,' he's reminiscing about fishing, organic chemistry and backyard barbecues. Although he's a quiet guy, Duhamel's life has been quite flashy since the days he modeled alongside Ashton Kutcher. The North Dakota native (who left because the winters were "pretty gnarly") briefly chatted with PopEater about 'The Romantics' (in theaters now), meeting Tom Cruise and his surprising take on gambling in Las Vegas.

So this movie is about two gals fighting over you. Ever had that in real life?
No, I can't say I have. I was always in a monogamous relationship. I'm a boring guy. No crazy stories to tell, unfortunately.

In 'The Romantics,' Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin fight over you. Here's a scenario for ya: The three of you are in a lifeboat, there's only room for two ...
I'm not going to answer that! They're both lovely, although different. Katie is very nurturing and motherly and Anna is more of a wildcat, so there you go.