Femme Fatale Nikita Is Just What the CW NeededPop-Ed: "They sure must miss Buffy." That was all I could think when Craig Silverstein, writer and producer of 'Nikita,' said at this summer's Comic-Con that the CW network was looking for a "kick-ass action show centered on a female character."

Going deep undercover this summer in my own alias, the Ink-Stained Amazon, I snagged a sneak peek at the new 'Nikita' series. My mission: Attend the pilot screening and Q&A to find out what the revamped concept -- an update of the Luc Besson film and subsequent '90s 'La Femme Nikita' TV series -- has to offer.

As most viewers are aware, for the past several years the CW has banked on a lineup of reality shows and sexy nighttime soaps aimed at teenagers and 20-somethings. It's been a while since they had anything that "kicked ass." Now, 'Nikita,' starring Maggie Q as the titular heroine, has the potential to change that.