A few spritzes of the new Intimately Beckham Yours fragrances have the stunning couple getting frisky in a steamy new commercial for their his-and-her scents.

In the clip, Victoria Beckham, clad in a sleek black pants suit, joins husband David Beckham, looking dashing in a tux, in an elevator, and that's when things get interesting. As the door closes the British power duo gets passionate and a lot of kissing, grabbing and clothes shedding ensues.

When the Beckhams reach their desired floor, the door reopens and viewers are treated to one disheveled-looking pair, although the Mrs. seems to have fared better than her partner in crime as her bold red lipstick and slicked back hair are still intact. She'll have to thank her glam squad for that one.

The steamy ad seems perfectly fitting for fragrances that are "designed to capture the essence of David and Victoria Beckham's passion and the power of their relationship." Watch It Below