According to a new report from TMZ, Michael Richards is in hot water again for flying off the handle. In recent years, the 61-year-old 'Seinfeld' star has been keeping a very low profile, ever since hurling the n-word at hecklers during a profanity-laced tirade that was infamously caught on tape in 2006.

Now, in a new lawsuit, photographer Brendon O'Neal reportedly claims that the angry actor flat-out beat him up, during an August 25 assault that sounds downright brutal.

The incident allegedly took place on a street in Los Angeles. Richards is accused of walking up to O'Neal in a "menacing manner ... with closed fists" and then punching the photographer in the face, knocking him to the pavement, where he "proceeded to kick [O'Neal] numerous times, directing the blows to [O'Neal's] arms, hands, and camera."