Lady Gaga and Cher at VMAs

The MTV VMAs needed a highlight and got one thanks to a flashback outfit from pop legend Cher that gave way to a preview of great things to come from a pop legend in the making, Lady Gaga.

First, Cher showed that she's still got the curves. Over twenty years after the release of her 1989 hit 'If I Could Turn Back Time,' Cher put on the revealing one piece that she wore on the battleship during the controversial clip in order to present Video of the Year.

"I'm the oldest chick with the biggest hair in the littlest costume," said Cher to massive applause.

"Back in the day, I used to get thrown off MTV for wearing things like this that seem so tame now. That's when Lady Gaga was Baby Gaga."

Cher's video, with the notorious fishnet outfit, was banned from airing during daylight hours by MTV. Cher was right in that it's an outfit that doesn't have anywhere near the same shock value today. Gaga revealed more in her 'Telephone' video.

"I have shoes older than most of these nominees," she concluded before presenting Lady Gaga with the Video of the Year award for 'Bad Romance.' Gaga then turned her speech into a great coming attraction for her forthcoming album.